Apparel Design

surface & print design | pattern making | apparel line development & construction  


Computer Aided Design | Surface Design Prints

When asked to sign your name on an important document, looking down at your signature to see a handful of personality. To see your signature on a sheet a paper is lively! A signature is a reflection of the person we see in the mirror and about the lives that we live. This collection inspires women to be GOAL diggers and decorate the office like their own boss The inspiration for the textile design was the personality that my hand signature represents...Enjoy!

                                                         ~Mariah L. Gullatte

Lost in Time

Computer Aided Design | Engineered Print

For my curvy, timeless, beautiful women...this is for you! The bold woman wears the clock with style and timeless effort. Get Lost in time with beauty!

Miami Rays

Computer Aided Design | Product Development and Technical Design

In Miami, the suntan lines, cocktails, and sandy beaches keep people coming back to vice land! In these swimsuits, all eyes will be on you and maybe even on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  

Italian Vineyards

Computer Aided Design | Surface & Engineering Design

While studying at Auburn University, I earned an International Minor in Human Sciences while studying in the Beautiful country of Italy. In excitement for the trip, this line is inspiration for a line of high quality leather handbags. This line is perfect for shopping trips too the farmers market or touring the historic cities.


Competitive Design | Textile Innovation, Product Development, and Technical Design

Either it be a sandy beach, wooded pine path, or a gravel city streets, running is a daily part in the lives of some. Trail is designed to adapt to the runners outdoor climate. It is made with water repellent fabrics to help the runner stay dry. Also, with and aim to keep the runner stylish while limiting the amount of pieces one wears during the run. 

Battle of the Sexes

Computer Aided Design |  Product Development & Technical Design

This collection is inspired by a generation those who don't identify, who don't pick sides, who loves style no matter the fit. Loose fitting, calm hues, and multipurpose separates are dominate. When wearing these pieces, you will never run out of styles.

Technical Pack

Computer Aided Design |  Technical Design

Design of a Juniors Jumpsuit made for the Formal event such as a walk down the aisle!